Visionline Vesta Electric Fireplace

The unit includes elements of wood, crystals and lava rock to ensure a sleek and modern feel, regardless of the owner’s preference. A hidden USB port allows for the customisation of flames which can be downloaded via the VisionLINE website, ensuring that you get the perfect flame for your home. You can also pick and choose between 14 different colour combinations, with the accent light ember bed working its magic whenever you need it.

The VisionLINE Vesta provides up to 2 kilowatts of heat output with both high and low settings and is fully controlled via remote.

Heat Output



2 Years


LCD technology displaying realistic flames via video file, includes elements of wood, crystals and lava rock, 14 different colour combinations, fully controlled via remote




VL-VESTA-50 (W 1185mm x H 450mm x D 170mm) // VL-VESTA-70 (W 1720mm x H 450mm x D 170mm)