Ziegler & Brown Classic Triple Grill LPG On Cart

*Available from HP Fire Bass Coast Only*

The Ziggy by Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill offers superior quality and performance, in an innovative and portable package.

This high-performing BBQ will impress your guests anywhere from the backyard to an inner-city balcony. This stylish barbeque delivers outstanding power with the flexibility to cater for an intimate dinner or a crowd of friends. With easily removable burners, cleaning your Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Grill is a breeze, it’s as easy as Lift, Pull & Clean. Available in 3 stylish colours, your Ziggy Grill will stand out from the crowd!

The award-winning Ziggy by Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill delivers unrivalled quality, versatility and power, with increased grilling capacity via three independently operated stainless steel burners, this barbeque will revolutionize your outdoor cooking world. Entertain a crowd with all three burners ignited or cater for more intimate occasions with one or two burners.

With its high-domed hood - big enough to fit an extra-large turkey - the Ziggy Triple Grill is powerful enough to grill with the hood open or closed. Enjoy a gourmet feast of surf and turf with the hood up or slow roast a banquet of meat and vegetables with the hood down.

Fuel Type








Grill Size

Oval 670mm x 460mm (approx. 2,420 sq cm)


707 D x 1332 W x 1139 H (Hood Closed, with Cart)


7 Years Comprehensive (excluding paint deterioration)