Big Green Egg Mini Max Bundle

Big Green Egg Bundles are designed to help you kick start your love with charcoal cooking on the Big Green Egg by giving you everything you need to get going, but also saving some coin. This MiniMax bundle will feature the Egg, ConvEGGtor, Charcoal, Fire lighters, Grill Gripper Ash tool and carry nest. Big Green Egg Mini Max is the ultimate in cooking versatility anywhere you go... Camping, park, mates place or tailgating (The US kind) The Mini Max can easily cook a chicken or grill 4 big steaks so there will be enough food for everyone, and what's best of all, it does it with the amazing flavours every Big Green Egg is known for. The Mini Max features a 33cm Diameter cooking grill (855cm2) and is 50cm in height, it does weigh 40kg as it is made with the same quality ceramic all the Big Green Eggs are; but the carry nest will make handling easier. There are also versatile accessories available for purchase to enhance your grill.

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