Broil King Baron 500 Pellet Grill – 1 Remaining

broil/ (USA grill) to cook something on a very hot surface in a BBQ: I'll broil the steak rather than microwave it.

When it comes to the ultimate grill, the Broil King Regal 500 pellet grill is the must have. Constructed from 1.5mm steel, heavy duty legs and shelves, the Baron 500 is built to last.  The Regal 500 comes 3613 cm2 cast iron grill surface and 1548 cm2 upper rack, this grill will be suitable for any size cookout.
The WiFi and Bluetooth enabled digital interface and two electronic meat probes, you can monitor your cook from just about anywhere with the easy to use app.. This innovative pellet grill imported from North America is sure to impress.

Bonus pack includes 2 Bags of Pellets, Pellet Scoop and Heavy Duty Cover.

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