Ziggy Bake & Roast Rack – Pan with Rack

*Available from HP Fire Bass Coast Only*

Cooking the perfect roast is a breeze with the Ziegler & Brown Roast Rack. From a mouthwatering leg of lamb, whole chicken or perhaps the next Sunday roast, there's no easier way to oven cook your meat indoors in your kitchen or outdoors on your your BBQ grill! This dishwasher safe set includes a baking pan and roast rack that will channel fat and oils away from your roast for healthier cooking - Simply lift the rack with the meat off and discard the fat. Or if it's not so much a concern for you, make a delicious gravy for that extra indulgence! The nonstick coating of the baking pan ensures that food does not stick and cleaning up afterwards is easy and effortless.






200 D x 40/100 (with prongs) H x 250 W