Ziegler & Brown Nomad Grill LPG – With Flame Failure

*Available from HP Fire Bass Coast Only*

Australian safety standards changed recently requiring any gas bbq connected to the gas supply of a boat or caravan to have flame supervision (refer AS/NZS 5601.2 and AS/NZS 5263.1.7).
In response to this change, the Ziggy Nomad using Flame Failure technology is a first for Barbeques Galore in Australia, making it the perfect outdoor caravan companion. Designed to cater to Australian’s love for travelling and caravanning, it is the perfect BBQ to take anywhere, anytime.

With an easily removable burner, cleaning your Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Grill is a breeze, it’s as easy as Lift, Pull & Clean

Its high-domed, roll-back hood is a unique Ziegler & Brown design. It can be used open or closed for incredible versatility when cooking and grilling. Whether you’re preparing a succulent roast for dinner or frying up bacon and eggs for breakfast, with the portable Ziggy your barbeque cooking options are endless. For easy transport or storage, the hood rolls back right under the BBQ. The hood and cooking grill lock in place making it simple and very compact to carry.

The Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill delivers superior quality, exceptional performance and mouth-watering results, all wrapped up in stylishly compact design!

Fuel Type








Grill Size

Oval 470mm x 360mm (approx. 1,325 sq cm)


460 D x 680 W x 430 H (Hood Closed)


7 Years Comprehensive (excluding paint deterioration)